3-08-2016: Pills found at Prince's estate contained opioids 'stronger than heroin' and were 'mislabelled'

This would mean that the manufacturer mislabeled the pills or they were illegally manufactured and illegally obtained. Autopsy results showed that Prince died of an accidental, self-administered overdose of fentanyl, and the singer had enough of the drug in his system to kill anyone, regardless of size. A synthetic drug Fentanyl from China was Found.


Prince likely did not know the ‘Watson 385’ pills he ingested were counterfeits laced with fentanyl.


Prince , one of the most prolific, daring and successful musical artists of all time, has died aged 57.


The Purple Rain singer, real name Prince Rogers Nelson, died at his Paisley Park studio in Minnesota, the state where he was born and raised.


Prince wrote hundreds of songs for himself and other artists and released 39 studio albums, including four in the last 18 months. His 1984 album Purple Rain is frequently listed as one of the best albums in history, and earned him an Oscar and Grammy.


Prince became a global superstar in the 1980s, with albums such as 1999, Purple Rain and Sign O' the Times.


His innovative music spanned rock, funk, and jazz, and selling more than 100 million records during his career.


'It is with profound sadness that I am confirming that the legendary, iconic performer, Prince Rogers Nelson, has died," a spokeswoman for the musician said.


"There are no further details as to the cause of death at this time."


Prince - Full Concert - 01/30/82 - Capitol Theatre (OFFICIAL)


Prince In The 1980's - Full Movie


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